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Biography (cont.)

Where in the World is Dexter James?
For a while Dexter completely disappeared from the scene, focussing on small live performances and refining his own personal style. He also travelled to numerous countries around the world including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, the US, Canada, Spain and France.

During the intervening years, a firm believer in lifelong education, he also managed to gain numerous qualifications including a certificate in Sound Recording and Music Technology and a Master's degree involving web and CD audio. For his continued vocal training he extends his sincere thanks to Tona DeBrett.

Back in Stride
He has spent the last couple of years writing a range of songs reflecting upon the events and ideas that have impacted his life. Drawing on a diverse range of influences, these works cross the genres of indie, rock and folk, featuring a style which is simple, accessible, sometimes humorous, but always poignant.

"My songs are about the life experiences, love and loss; the way we sometimes have to step back and see the humour in situations. I hope on some level my music speaks to people about their own experiences."

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